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Clear Vinyl Sleeves

Our vinyl sleeves and pockets come in a variety of sizes, colors, and thicknesses but generally, the sleeves are made in 6 mil to 10 mil clear plastic. This plastic, polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is so commonly used because it is the most durable, washable, and reusable. We only purchase top quality material to ensure the best storage and best presentation attributes.

The finish of the material is usually determined by the application. For example, when the sleeves are used for presentation materials, document storage and collector pieces, the vinyl sleeves are clear, polished, or double-polished clear. These materials provide secure storage and protection for the document or article while offering a package that is waterproof (on the sealed sides) and has very low visual distortion. This allows the materials or documents within the sleeve to be read or reviewed freely without direct contact which can be important to preserving the coin, document, or products and protect them from dust, dirt, or serve to keep them dry and un-damaged.

When used in the office, matte finishes are far less reflective than the polished vinyl finishes. With many lights in the office (overhead lighting, fluorescent lighting, accent lighting, etc.) there can be glare reflecting from the sleeve. Additionally, matte finishes don't show fingerprints as some glossy finishes might. Our high quality, vinyl products are phthalate free, have very low distortion, and get your presentations noticed. Additionally, our adhesive backed sleeves are perfect for securing business cards to binders, informational bulletins to walls or filing systems, used as a label holder for cabinets, even hold securely on a glass surface. (Note that our layer of adhesive is not clear and is not meant to provide a readable surface.

For more challenging environments or applications, say holding a menu, the vinyl sleeve may be purchased with a thicker plastic so that the pvc will be more durable and withstand the constant use, manipulation, and cleaning. Our most common recommendation for menu sleeves is a heavy duty 10 mil (gauge or thickness) vinyl that is firm as 3H. The 3H refers to the rigidity of the material and indicates that the two pieces of the sleeve with card stock would provide a semi-rigid menu presentation without support of cardboard.

At home, we have special sleeves to protect album art sleeves from the same problems with dust, dirt, and hold them securely with flaps or zipper closures. With copy-guard materials, storing the inked surface of an album cover is safe and will keep the paper from being damaged by water, humidity, and molds that might be present in some locations. We also have sleeves with an adhesive strip for mounting lps in their jacket cover on walls or other vertical surfaces. We have sleeves to mount, store, hold, and keep pictures, documents, recipes, notes, and tiny parts in binders, files, on walls, or wherever you want to get them noticed.

Clear Vinyl Sleeves

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